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I am a Practitioner  based in the UK and all contracts and agreements are under English and Welsh Law. 

Terms and Conditions

When we agree to work together, these are the terms and conditions I will ask you to agree to, confirming you understand the process, boundaries and limitations of our work together:


I understand that results vary, and that the practitioner cannot guarantee results.


My Hypnotherapist does not treat, prescribe for or diagnose any condition.  Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or counselling.


I understand that in some cases when working in person, to help me reach a beneficial state of hypnosis and relaxation,   it may be necessary for the practitioner to respectfully touch my shoulder(s), arm, hand, wrist, or forehead for which I give my permission and consent. 


I  can terminate  a session at any time.


 I agree to work collaboratively with my Hypnotherapist and  fully participate in each session to the best of my ability. This includes any agreed assignments/homework in between sessions.


The personal information I have provided is accurate and current.


 I understand that Payment is required in advance via PayPal


Cancellations made with less than  24 hours’ notice  will incur a  £20 cancellation fee.


If an appointment is missed without notice, or cancelled within an hour of the appointment time, the full rate for that session will be applicable.


 I understand that my sessions are confidential, but that this confidentially may be breeched on rare occasions,  if the practitioner feels that I or someone else are in immediate danger of harm, or when required for legal reasons.


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