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We live in a hyper-connected world with an always on-society and and an often demanding  work culture.

There is more risk of anxiety, burnout and stress.



Hypnotherapy is a safe way to work with burnout, anxiety and stress using the power of your own imagination. Research shows the benefits of Hypnosis in aiding relaxation and the power of the Mind-Body Connection. When combined with Coaching techniques, it takes what you are able to achieve to a completely new level of awareness and depth.

Who do you want to be as a leader?

One who  makes better decisions faster? One who avoids cognitive bias and groupthink? One who is flexible and resilient? One who is confident in meeting challenges and the unexpected?

In the hyper-connected VUCA economy of today, how you present yourself is closely scrutinised. The Pandemic's effects prove to be a test of both your leadership and self-leadership; specifically, how well you know yourself, your strengths, your values and sense of purpose. Your level of self-awareness and self-pacing will have an impact on how you react to problems and the effectiveness of your decision-making.

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What is HypnoCoaching?

HypnoCoaching organically and  holistically combines Hypnotherapy and  Coaching techniques to help you deal with stress and burnout, achieve your goals and make the deeper changes you want.


HypnoCoaching works with both what is within your conscious awareness but also with what is outside of your conscious awareness,. It is at the subconscious level that really deep long lasting positive change happens because that is where your beliefs, drivers and emotions sit.


I work with a  wide range of Hypnotherapy and Coaching methods and techniques which are tailored to each individual client to encourage successful inquiry, deeper understanding and deep sustainable change. 

I never put people in boxes or try and fit them into a particular framework.  I do this because I think that individuals are multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. Hypnosis can increase motivation and boost the development of new, healthier thinking, habits and behaviours.

In essence, while hypnosis taps into the subconscious to instigate change, coaching provides a structured, forward-looking framework to channel motivation, clarify goals, and support individuals in actively shaping their desired outcomes. The combination of hypnosis and coaching can create a comprehensive and powerful approach to personal development.

HypnoCoaching For Leaders

In my work, I support ambitious professionals who want to advance in their careers but feel negatively impacted by their thinking and behaviours.
I assist my clients in re-evaluating their leadership and career decisions so they can gain insight and find their individual route to live inspired and authentic professional lives. 
I work with established leaders who want to go beyond merely achieving goals and recognise the demands placed on their leadership under ambiguous and difficult contexts.
I help empower emerging leaders who wish to motivate others, increase self-efficacy, and project  presence. 

Working together, I can help you gain insight into your motivations and  work directly to help you transform unhelpful thinking or behavioural patterns that might be preventing you from moving forward, assisting you to better serve yourself, increase your options, take more effective action,  empowering you to you get out of your own way and create the future you choose for yourself.

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