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Sleep Well Programme

Practical solutions for a good night's sleep. Get personalised support and effective hypnotherapy techniques to beat insomnia. Take control of your nights and wake up refreshed!

The Sleep Well Programme  can help you  achieve deeper and more restful sleep, leading to feeling more refreshed and energized during the day. Additionally,it can help you shorten the time it takes to fall asleep, making it easier for you to drift off at bedtime.

Hypnotherapy offers a natural  complementary approach. By promoting relaxation and stress reduction, the programme  helps you unwind before bedtime, creating a conducive environment for sleep. Furthermore, it can assist you in exploring and addressing underlying psychological factors contributing to insomnia, such as anxiety or stress.

Improved sleep quality and duration  can lead to better daytime functioning for you, including sharper cognitive performance, mood regulation, and increased productivity.

Better sleep contributes to your overall well-being, fostering improved mood, better stress management, and a greater sense of vitality. Additionally, this Programme  equips you with practical skills and strategies for managing sleep difficulties independently in the long term.


Overall, the Sleep Well Programme  offers you a holistic approach to improving sleep quality and addressing underlying factors contributing to sleep disturbances. By promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and fostering healthier sleep patterns, hypnotherapy can help  enhance your sleep and overall quality of life.


Individual sessions start at £95

Programmes will be  priced individually because I believe each person is unique and  I tailor the programmes to match my client's unique needs- not the client to the programme. I work via Zoom worldwide with clients and also in person in London UK.

Please get in touch for a discovery call.

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