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Phobia and Fear Release Programme

The Phobia release program is a structured hypnotherapy approach.

It’s designed to help you overcome irrational fears or phobias by reframing fears and reducing anxiety.

The program begins with an in-depth assessment to understand the specific phobia, its triggers, severity, and how it impacts your life so that we can establish clear, achievable steps for overcoming the phobia.

Imagine your  phobia no longer interfering with your daily life and  having  more freedom over how you live your best life. 

No more social isolation,  no more having to change your  daily routine, limit your  activities, or avoid certain places, people, or situations.

Includes initial assessment.

Includes follow up calls and a tailored  MP3 recording.


Individual sessions start at £95

Programmes will be  priced individually because I believe each person is unique and  I tailor the programmes to match my client's unique needs- not the client to the programme. I work via Zoom worldwide with clients and also in person in London UK.

Please get in touch for a discovery call.

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