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Pain Management

Hypnotherapy addresses the mind-body connection and can help with with perceived pain control and perceived pain reduction.

It addresses the emotional impact of pain, reducing feelings of frustration and depression, and helps lower stress levels to promote calmness.

Techniques learned in hypnotherapy can help reduce muscle tension and improve sleep quality by addressing pain-related insomnia.

Gain confidence in managing pain through self-hypnosis and coping strategies, the program uses  mindfulness, visualization, self-hypnosis and breathing exercises to shift focus away from pain and promote wellbeing as well as reframing negative thoughts about pain promoting a positive mindset and sustainable techniques for ongoing pain management.

A bespoke programme of sessions with follow up calls depending on your needs. 

Hypnotherapy does not treat the underlying cause of pain.

As an ethical Hypnotherapist and to ensure my clients' wellbeing,  I only  work with clients  who have  a medical diagnosis for any kind of pain they want to work with  in Hypnotherapy.


Individual sessions start at £95

Programmes will be  priced individually because I believe each person is unique and  I tailor the programmes to match my client's unique needs- not the client to the programme. I work via Zoom worldwide with clients and also in person in London, UK.

Please get in touch for a discovery call.

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